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First, a brief introduction:

I am Licensed by the State of Maryland as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, I am also listed as an "approved supervisor" to provide supervision for "Counselors in Training" aka L.G.C.P. for their advancement to full licensure and development. I am Nationally Certified as a Master Addictions Counselor, and a Certified Substance Abuse Professional under DOT/SAP regulations. There are a couple of others, but the gist of what I offer is depth and breadth of experience in addressing most problems or issues that a person may find themselves struggling with at certain points in their life. At times the struggle may have felt like..."as long as I can remember." Please see the page- "Is Therapy for Me?"

 Trauma itself may be the underlying "issue," yet what brings someone in to therapy may appear to be something totally unrelated to a traumatic experience in the past. The relationships we have and develop with others is key to the healing process. When you enter therapy, you are entering a "theraputic relationship." It is a safe space where you ideally are free to express you thoughts, feelings, wants, and needs.  As your therapist, I will work with you to uncover patterns that may have developed at some point in your life in your efforts to cope and protect yourself. You may find that those patterns now make relating to others socially, at home, or at work- far more difficult and stressful for you and for others. There are two phrases in particular that may indicate you are having a problem in these areas: You have been accused or think to yourself that you have "Anger Management" issues, or you have been described as or told you are a "Difficult Person."

 Regarding your specific situation, do I have all the answers? NO! I have a good bit of faith that you do however,  so my role in your life is to "help you find your own answers." It is also a truism that there are times that there are no "answers" - just ways to improve a person's quality of life. You may find that your biggest struggle is actually defining the "problem" or what is "just not quite right." Please see "What Can I Expect from Therapy?" to get a snapshot of the process we will undertake together to determine your wants and needs. Counters